Oral-B Pro Health 40 Soft


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  • One brushing removes up to 99% of plaque in hard-to-reach areas
  • Power Tip Bristles: 550 extra long bristles to help clean hard to reach places
  • CrossAction bristles: unique CrossAction bristles are angled in opposing directions to lift out and sweep away plaque
  • Indicator Bristles: Blue Indicator toothbrush bristles fade halfway so you know when to replace your brush.
  • Tongue and Cheek Cleaner


Out of stock

Tight spaces are the easiest places for plaque to build up–and the toughest to clean, since straight-bristle toothbrushes struggle to reach them. But CrossAction Pro-Health CrissCross bristles attack plaque from the perfect angle–an optimal 16°–cleaning better than straight ones. Plus, Pro-Health’s tongue cleaner helps remove germs from the tongue.; Crisscross bristles: Angled in opposing directions to lift out and sweep away plaque; Soft gum stimulators: Positioned in in two rows in opposing directions and are designed to flex and then straighten, actively penetrating between the teeth and along the gum line; Textured tongue cleaner: Located on the back of the brush Power Tip bristles: Extra long to help clean between teeth in hard-to-reach places; Dense elliptical-shaped surface-cleaning tufts: Oblong shape designed to help clean the surface area of the tooth; Carefully polished end-round bristles: Gentle on teeth and gums.

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